Snail Mail Tarot Readings


Using the tools of collaborative dreaming and automatic writing, I will communicate the cards' messages to you without editing. This way of working is fluid, meditative and often surprising. Handwritten readings give me the time to go deep into the cards, both psychologically and symbolically, as well as producing a detailed document which you can mull over and return to at your leisure. As well as a letter from my tarot reading table you'll receive an assortment of occult ephemera within the envelope.

I combine my studies of the occult, Buddhism, addiction and psychoanalysis in a reading style that is intuitive, practical and compassionate. Through a collaborative process I centre your agency and unique narrative.

These readings are lively, and aim to engage with challenges in all areas of modern life.

What is tarot?

For many, the notion of fortune telling suggests the reader's capacity to *know* the future, as if it's something fixed or a matter of fate. As if the reader knows what that fate is and the client doesn't. But what if the future is an UNKNOWABLE, messy stew of relational occurrences, individual decision-making and collaborative storytelling amidst cacophonic influences and collective cultural weathers and ruptures and ecological events? A terrifying thought, I know.

​What divination devices such as tarot reading can offer us is a range of wildcard options, of new possibilities within that messy stew, Gates and doors and portals into flipside thinking and alternative action. Next steps which empower us rather than making us feel small. ​Tarot is an art practice, not a scientific one. It exists in the realm of symbols, dreamscapes. It's valuable in this sense. Let your thoughts circle back to Surrealism, agony aunts, parlour games, the project of psychoanalysis as a creative art. Yes, I happen to have some training in counselling, the field of addiction, political philosophy, mindfulness, yoga. This informs what I do, sure, but only to an extent. There are profound influences at play in my lens - my queerness, my madness, my life experiences and personal ethics. My blind spots. ​I don't see the future as a fixed entity. I'm never completely unbiased and I don't try to be. I'm a human and so are you. That doesn't mean we're not magical beings though. Let's lean into that idea, whatever it could mean to YOU.


Booking info

Snail Mail Tarot Readings are available on a sliding scale, from £75 to £95. To book, please email Payment is via Paypal. 


Here's what some of my clients have to say...

"I would definitely recommend Maria's tarot readings. She was incredibly friendly and welcoming, so it felt like a very safe space to offer up my highly personal questions. I've never done an online reading before so I didn't know what to expect, but I was very impressed. She was very thorough in her response and explained everything really well. She was also more than happy to answer any further questions. I will definitely be back" - A.

“My reading resonated so deeply and it has become a resource I’ve returned to again and again. It was thoughtful, clear and I could really feel the care that had gone into the work. As someone just getting to know tarot, Maria has really shown me how these magical cards can connect me to parts of myself I had forgotten.” - J. 

"I've discovered that email is my favourite way to have my tarot read: you have more time to take it all in, and you can return to it again and again. Maria's particularly good with this medium because she's an occult writer. Not only did I receive a beautifully composed reading, she also peppered it with the kinds of interesting tidbits you might find in one of her articles. Bespoke AND illuminating!" - M.