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Email Correspondence Course
Begins September 2022

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This 4 week email correspondence course is for those completely new to tarot, along with those who are just beginning to get a handle on their deck but would like some structure to their learning, or to step away from traditional meanings in favour of their imagination and intuition.The Art of Intuitive Tarot is designed to help you cultivate an insightful, playful approach to reading the tarot cards, culminating in a deeper understanding of both the tarot and your innermost self. Regardless of your level of experience, you will learn tools for accessing both the unconscious and universal realms of experience, where symbolism and archetypes rule. Through experimental games and illuminating tricks, expect to engage with not just tarot imagery, but art in general, in a whole new way. Prepare to unleash your creativity and intuition! 


You will receive 4 weekly lessons via email which you are free to read and complete on your own schedule, and I will be on hand for 1:1 support via email. There will be homework exercises accompanying each lesson, but you are welcome to go as in depth with these as you choose - I'd like you to learn at your own pace so that you get the most out of this experience.

With over 16 years of tarot reading experience, my teaching style is fluid, flexible, encouraging and, most importantly of all, fun. 

Course Outline

Week One: Introduction to the Tarot

Week Two: Major Arcana & Reading Imagery

Week Three: Minor Arcana & Getting Inside the Cards

Week Four: Conjuring Questions & Spreads 


You will require your own tarot deck (any variation will be suitable).


Please do get in touch if you have any questions, and if you'd like to go ahead and secure your place drop me an email at

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